While We Wern’t Looking

While We Weren’t Looking


The Dalia Lama looked at Obama, took a half bow and the lights went out with a bang! A shadowy hurtling object heading at Obama who yells Hai! and the lights snap on to the scene of Obama in a skin-tight black Ninja suit standing crouched on a 4 foot window ledge twirling upchucks.

  • Bravo! Bravo! applaud the Dalia Lama and suddenly a brilliant sunset hits him square in the eyes and the harsh worse “Slap Leather”  and a colt 45 lands in his hand twirls twice and shoots the vase off the mantle and they both  say in Unisom “how bout that baaaabee!”
  • Both examined their weapons ands Obama says wonderingly Bruce……???”off cause! explains Dalia. In tune…Wyatt Up?” oh yea!! look at the notches.!” So what do we watch with our eggs roils tonight? Obama held it proudly. Ah! The Goot the Badt and zee Ugry!”.
  • So Obama, no work! News men taking care of it. The Chins are thinking you have convinced North Korea to become Buddhist and  Putin thinks you’ve developed some new anti gravity machine. Dalia smiled broadly and said vatch! and he gently rose 6″ off the floor in the lotus position. Obama’s eyes gleamed as the Dalia  raised his robes to many twirling fans, “Vant ta buy a vatch?” he smiled broadly


So when will we excape andt well eeet be by motorcycles? Is the launch ready? Everyone iss ready So everyone we invited is going? Everyone important. The island ready? But of cosse! IS the ship ready? of course. Let it be so!


This will be the largest misapropriation of Chinese and American funds ever known!


The end, or beginning.

Carl James



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