Where Was I?

Where Was I?


Where was I when the cold hand of uncertainty gripped her heart?

Where was I when he decided life was worth less than living to see

Whether I perhaps had abandoned hope for a better friendship with him

Where was I when perhaps your hard shell softened to better be

Internal beauty that passed me by a moment I had wished to see.


What precious moments have I missed with someone not believing

Their receptivity staring me in the face that encouraged abilities to free

Their soul to themselves in love and freedom to ever freely see.

Love was meant for everyone a gathering of our collectivity.


Life is a flood of urges, dreams, centered around geocentric me

Difficult are the attempts to tear away and take a look at you

Whose moment of glory may just have passed unattended by me

When helping myself might have been missed by a blind eye

In it’s inattention missing the luminescence of your very soul


Life is not the self-centered application of new ideas I meet

It is the collective oneness that says we all may benefit from the

Out reach of our love that gathers us all around sharing, partaking

Sweet golden apples, rewards for our touching of all mankind


Everyone, our brother, mother, sister or the other who needs

A part of us all willing to give to humanity’s stream of knowing

It is we, not me that directs the course of internal self discovery

I, hopefully, in recognition and receptivity am a channeled flow


To be a Gandhi, a Saint Francis, a Mother Teresa, we missed

Moving our centers outside ourselves into the heart of humanity

Golden opportunities speaking of a vessel through which

Goodness and mercy flow and we only guide the ever presence.


I am always able to be more than I am and less than I was when

A receptor and sender of the essence of life’s vitality around me.

Sharing the love of my life that others gave me in their moments

Altruistic sharing of the sustenance that is forever flowing


Carl James

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