Uniforms and Vestments

Uniforms And Vestments


Uniforms and vestments what respect they bring

Why not a policeman’s ring to absolve this guilt of mine?


Or layers of respect and richness to cowl the sinner’s name

Or touching a hem in silence or kissing a viral ring


Layer upon layer piece by piece in awe of gods and man

Love and fear to sponsor layers of isolation and trim


If god favors you more than I let his love shine from within

For uniforms and vestments strike awe in the hearts of men


For me a simple beggar’s rag a Gandhi size 38 will surely do

Or cross-draw Colt 45’s with notches in the grips and a chew


But what vestment or uniform can ease the souls need within ?

When a field of daisies singing halleluiah within the grassy glen.


Uplifts the heart and fills the soul with joy from deep within

Are loaded belts, holsters and sternness and knife creases for sin?


Or is godliness and obeying laws not synonymous with peace. love

Or giant half-understood words like using psychoisolationment


When happiness and kindness and god from deep within

All that may be needed to set us straight no terror or awe, Amen


Carl James


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