I have been somewhat obscessed the last year with the phenomonon of time. My opinion is that time does not exist. If you think about the universe that supposedly started with the Big Bang. Assuming that this explosion, or disruption or whatever word is adequate to describe it began  thee process of moving matter through the universe. So, if this happened in equal pressure from all points the shape of this should be spherical, assuming no gravitational influences. So, if there was a thing such as time, it would move x number of lightyears from the Big Bang up to this point…………………..

  1. The space-time continuum can be perceived as being a canvas upon which the life of the universe is drawn. It is, therefore, without limits and without end, universal and eternal. Lets get philosophical for a moment.From our psychophysical bodies, we are beings evolving in this multidimensional universe, where space and time represent only one facet.

    Our state of consciousness us…ually situates itself within these limitations. We identify ourselves as an entity traveling on this canvas unrelentingly without possibility of return. But, we can also access a higher state of awakening where the focal point of our conscience is no longer located in this continuum, but outside or even better, everywhere and always at the same time. We can then become aware of the fact that neither space nor time really exist.

    A conscious being can, from the place that s/he is, know from where s/he came as well as where s/he is going. The place where s/he is, is only the result of the traversed space and the space yet to be traversed. It contains within itself all space. But, this non-dimensional point between two spaces is nothing other than a vacuum, an illusion; paradox and reality. Space has no real existence.

    In the same way, if the future exists at the same time as the past, then a connected conscience can know both at the same time. If the present guarantees the future and is a consequence of the past, then the present contains within itself all eternity. But the present moment is only a temporal non-dimensional point; paradox and reality. Time has no real existence.

    To leave this four-dimensional canvas, to find freedom, it is enough for us to perceive universality in a non-dimensional point and eternity in one timeless moment. The point and the moment, indeed, do not exist separately but contain within them the totality of the universe which, we know it, is made of an infinity of points and moments; paradox and reality.

    How can we do this?

    By contracting space and by slowing time, not by physical maneuvers, but quite simply by a movement of our conscience. Reducing space to a point and time to an instant in such a way that both are perceived not from the inside of this continuum, as we usually do, but from the outside, or better still everywhere and always at the same time.

    There are in existence several modalities for reducing space-time which are simple and easily accessed which, for most people, appear inefficient.





    Audio-visual entrainment

    Perception of silence and emptiness

    Have a good journey!See More

  2. Oh, no, wrong again! So, then, are we real entities since so much of what we think of is the past. In fact all memory is of past events, at least we think so. Do we have memory of the future since past, present and future are one?
  3. Since we cannot really define consciousness, how can we know we exist? How can we know anything exists? Our personal historical memory is blank at the beginning and probably the ending in our consciousness so the percception of
    “self”” really has no beginning and maybe no ending.

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