There Are Those, In Mem ory of Dave Sturtevant

There Are Those


There are those who amble through life

Ever observant of where they live each

Moment a new chapter in the soul within

Each encounter a new friend to gather in.


There are those born a seamless transition

Into the world we know for it was theirs

Everyone was told on a higher plain that

Already  knew the sweet refrain we, in vain


Searching all our lives for a  part to sing

In harmony he already knew his part on earth

Gladly his heart was open for anyone to see

An ambassador of the earth  to show to heal


His essence is the earth, rock, soil, water with-in

While tears given to pay his respect do not neglect

Yet I think Dave was born to a brand new world as

Setting in our West his new East began, again


Perhaps he’ll honor  with a memory of you,

me, we together on a wave trying to help a few

Souls ferry effortlessly  over a new riffle

His kindness will sooth you and his gentle


Mist of morning will lift your heart to sing


In memory of Dave Sturtevant

Carl James

7- 25-16

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