The Symphony of the Universe-The Chorus of Life

More often than occasionally I have referred to the order of the universe and life as a symphony or song in harmony and that everyone knows that song. If you think about the actual sounds of nature there are many soothing sounds. Of course animals sing, whistle, trumpet, etc creating a cacophony of many sounds and in the case of whales are considered songs. There is the shriek and moan of the wind, the staccato sound of hail or rain on the roof, the crash of thunder, the rhythmic crash of the waves, the roar of a cataract, the trickling melodious sound of a brook, the groan of the wind bending trees, the rustle of leaves and the roar of a mud slide or avalanche. There is the crackle-pop of a fire, the keening sound of blowing sand and the grind of ice floes. Sit by a river or lake at night and here the bull frog’s deep bass croak, the spring peepers and the cicadas. Scientists continually find new “sounds” in space. Whether by sound or by internal primordial memory, life and the earth seem to move according to an internal rhythm.

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