The Last Refrain

The Last Refrain
Where would you be if your heart was free from fear and pain?
And your soul was playing your last refrain, would you do it again
Would you ride with joy on the crest of a wave and would you laugh
When your body could no longer contain that part of your soul
That once remained in my heart torn out the last remains of the
Memories we shared from long ago on some primordial plain
When the earth was young and our spirits mingled in the sun
Filled with hope, rays of hope that caught your hair and burst
Flames of love that filled the air, cascades of gold did we dare to
Declare our eternal love in another time when hearts of joy
Placed by endless time to renew when the day was yours and mine
Or will you break the rhythm of the song that I sang undone
Leaving the last refrain UN sung till our day under the sun was won.
Lost to our eternity and the light of freedom that joins the stars
Destiny calls you from the grave in your defiance the plans you laid
Your eternal glory in the name of God the father and the son
But men of doubt know no heaven then our earthly realm
For we lay at the threshold of the gods when the stars were born
Lost to the symphony of life that plays so beautifully every morn
The same song I sang to you when our love was young
When we danced to the rhythms of our souls under the sun
Carl James

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