Thank You

I wish to thank all subscribers who have joined. Eventually I would hope that each of you contribute your opinions, reactions, etc. But if you choose privacy, that is ok. My poetry, prose and photography are channels for expressing my feelings, opinions, and my spirituality. Sometimes I explore a subject  of interest like creativity simply to explore it. Occasionally, I plan on narrating a project I may tackle like book restoration, gardening and wood working.  I am a retired architect who writes, photographs, restores photographs, collects vintage photography, some old books, does school photos, candid wedding photos, gardens etc. I am a genealogist. I am currently doing a loose-leaf binder genealogy/story book for my 6 yr. old grandson.  I know one of you and that person has a masters of divinity degree. So, enjoy and welcome!

There are a few rules of etiquette in my introduction. Those must be followed. There will be one warning followed by permanent removal from the  site for the second offence. I care not about your religious or philosophy, occupation, sexual preference,  gender, except those that belittle or threaten others. This will be an oasis  where you can be you.

Carl James

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