Some Men Weep

Some Men Weep

Some men weep some hide in shame at such vulnerability and exposure.
I have wept for joy a the beauty and culture of all mnkind
I have wept in sorrow at the brutality, the viscious cold-blooded acts.
I have grieved at the death of a friend and at being abandoned by a friend
I Have wept in gratitude at the love and giving of a perfect stranger
I have sobbed uncontrollably at my loss of health clinging to my wife
I have sobbed in despair at the leaving of my wife and her friends in lonlinesss
I have sobbed at depressed, frustrating days seemingly with no end.
I have sobbed at daybreak with endless meadows of wildflowers
I have missed my children and grandchildren who have left home.
I have wept over the arrival of new grandchildren and their growth
I have wept with joy the profusion of life all around me and its delicacy
I weep with gratitude at a new day of living and with those]
Who touch my heart in harmony and our depth of perception?
I weep for the music, harmony of the world, harmony of the universe.

Carl James


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