Simply Love

I met a widow recently who shook up my idea of love. She was married almost 40 years in a relationship that seemed less complicated than most. The husband had been a driver al his life and she had worked a variety of jobs that allowed her to raise 4 children. Their relationship was love-centered, not career or self-centered. . I realized that love-centered couples might be happier. However, I always have to have a cause So, my choice in a woman is more complicated The following poem resulted


Is it enough to love with simple expectation
No promise of social graces or intellectual styles
Simple basic traditional support minimal in nature
Children given in love’s mutual respect and desire

While others throw down conditions that maim
Love’s fragile flower that tire and dissect the magic
To breath in anticipation and keep the candle lit
For love is the small touch of the hand on skin

Love is a gentle brush of the lips on lips a fire
It is desire-filled passion satiated willingly, freely
It is the afterglow still in his whispered thanks
It is the all-day remembrance like a holy dream

It recognizes and accepts the half truths told to
Always preserve and protect the partners ego and
When death comes it unselfishly releases him
To his god and his belief of a home waiting for her

Simply Love

Carl James 11-6-15

One Response to Simply Love

  • This is love, simple, pure and unadulterated. Love is most of all those gentle brushes, the lightest of touches. The constant reminders the you are present to each other…this is the lightening bolt that shoots straight through to the heart. This is, as you so beautifully put it, the holy dream we seek with whispered thanks.

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