She who has the courage to care unconditionally

She who knows that a moment is all the time

Time that is shared, laughter and understanding

Freedom to be, freedom to learn, freedom to fail


She who knows if love is to be it must be free

Free to weigh consequences, free to grow free

Free of guilt, expectations, unfolding like a child

Full of wonder, full of hours in the day spent


Each moment in the celebration of life’s joys.

Life’s sorrow, love’s risks and no tomorrow

Each moment an infinity captured, molded

Formed, a sculpture into an expression of

Life’s individuality, commonality, finality

Unrepentant and unforgiving elusiveness


For love exists not through obligation but

Through the release and encouragement that

Says I wish you love, wherever it germinates

Life wherever it thrives vigorously for you

Happiness, nourishing,, illuminating the soul


For she has the courage to fly like the winds

To seek out, new tender blooms of the heart

Knowing that they may or may not answer the

Call of love forever seeking a responding answer

I am here and I seek the truth and the love in you.


Carl James 12-6-15

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