Serenity in my Inevitability

Serenity in my Inevitability


Struggles of my life ,created in part

Egocentricities of my prideful  heart

Never willing to part with the fight

Defining the dubious courage we impart

Honor and glory at stake if we could

From their deadly silence awaken

Yet better ignorant they died in vain

For a god or king’s holy  righteous name


I have lived among the dead in hopeless

Fear and pain when holiness was a name

Where all things sacred with in  my frame


Silently spoken  to the flame of my holy sacrifice

Without a  name at the being of  all the world

Spiritually tempered in the white hot flame


Love never contained by ego or pride

Humbly awakens transcends and flies


Wings of glory from where it abides in-the

Souls of the living, dying  love serenity

Floods my heart when I have  gently


Forsaken will, struggle and ceased the fight  of

My rejection of my egoless collective spiritual



Carl James




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