Secretes of our Hearts

Secretes of our Hearts

You opened the door that led to my life and now you will know the secretes of my heart.
You, on opening it, know the sacrifice that must be weighed to know in return my love of
Life and my absorption into the energy that avails itself to we who knock at the door for
Opportunity is available to all for we are all one and the same having to seek afar for
What lay inside us all along illuminated by our light of being and our union with all.

A tree is a tree because it has been given the shape of a tree and its ancient memories
Are the same, interdependent, interwoven expressions of the same living tissues
We hold the secrete to this connection in our hearts for it is the same union as love foe
We all walk in the light of truth, understanding and love and our choices in life of people
Are the ones that we know who can best fulfill the union of our mind and soul and
Guide us along the path of illumination for we have the urge to become one.

Carl H. James

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