Sacred Places

Where is your sacred place? Is it a cathedral, a synagogue, a mosque, a small country church, or is it your back yard, a walking trail, a river or a courtyard or roof top in a large city? What stimulus do you need to be able to ease the internal stress, ease the breathing, slow the heart and allow the mind to reflect on your god, goddess, or perhaps that still, small center of your being where you re-kindle the flame of your soul. I am building a DVD that will contain my photographs of what I consider Sacred to me and the photos of what I believe others consider sacred places. If you wish, send me a photo, your prayer, if short, or quote that helps you find the above. I will create a slide show of these photos accompanied by my interpretation of appropriate music. This project will not be done until summer 2014 since I will travel to some native american sacred sites out west..Send your entry by e-mail to I reserve the right to omit any that I feel are vulgar, express hate, anger, slurs, or anything derogatory.