Thank god for a lively imagination, all it takes is my translations
Where fields, rives and silos checker and ribbon the Ozarks to Shiloh
Pure Kentucky Bourbon drank in white straw hat in the morning, Kentucky,
Churchill Downs ,I believe ponies don’t care what you’re bettin’,
Just a white linen suit, take it back smelling’ like Havana’s given by an
Owner when my studious gaze drawled out half a mil and bees on
Honey attracted to all that money, dinner at the club, her dad’s treat
She lay sleeping, as the sun leaked light runways for dust particles.
A fine old man loved the suit and the dried-up Havana to boot,
Rock walls and tender green grass pointed me West. I wonder
Which will go first my two hundred thousand mile or SUV, or me
Alone some stretch in an abandoned town grain elevators to hide behind or
Perhaps onward on a stroll around the Devil’s Tower sacred monument to
Lovers of the earth or sitting on the edge of Acoma Pueblo trying to find my place
In the sun every morning till the day is done and will my soul
Cry out to me or will I just dissolve, another old man who loved the earth.

Carl James

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