Road Signs

Road Signs

My journey continues though tired and weary of mind
Once I traveled alone, I had to make it my own.
Now I find in my vulnerability passers-by mean much to me
They have become more important than the road scenery

Somehow I discovered my humanness in a desperate moment
I exposed my underbelly in my time of pain and someone saw my
Fear, love, innocence, that I had covered oh so very long.
In a magic moment I knew love that permeates humanity.

I love the road, the adventure, the sights, the sacredness.
The old towns, the rolling emptiness that fills my heart with
Peace, loneliness, self contemplation and reminiscences.
Road signs to my emotions laid out on the pavement of time

Flavorful bits of humanity, though has imparted meaning
That I thought I was fleeing, but just another mind with
Similar glories, disappointments, and dreams left behind.
Ephemeral, nostalgic oasis, worth the extra time to find.

Brothers and sisters all of them, a small piece of time
My existence has been enriched to a finer plateau by
Their presence in my timeline of memories but don’t dwell
Stuck on the side roads never an entrance to be found

Nostalgia can be a quagmire of loneliness given too much time.
An extended boring introduction on too many pages and lines.
To you who I now own a remnant you had lost unraveled twine
Hospitality and commonality a piece of love that’s divine.

Carl James

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