OF Gods and Men

Of Gods and Men

She lies broken, torn, used, and abandoned and awaits in silent slumber,
Unknowingly protected here and there with a dirty shawl concrete remnant.
Hidden beneath the shawl, cracks appear, freeze, thaw, widen, crack, pop.
From the bowels of the presumed dead, an insidious weed shoves aside the
Pillars of the temple walls, and the roof implodes bowing humbly to life.
Then faster, no one to cover, to the railing, camouflaged by flowers, a joint,
Another year, a month, a day, an hour, the waters growing restless, smelling
Freedom to run, excitedly, one night of exerted effort, cloak of darkness,
Pow! A chunk, shrapnel, a jet of water,,,,hurry now! Push, a rail disappears,
boom!! thunder, no water, as the people downstream get on their knees and
Pray to the falling crumbling god they made as the frenzied freed water bucks.
Wild freed stallion, lays waste to crops, lives, but the river won as it joyfully
Picks up speed for it’s headlong dash into the seductive arms of the sea.

Carl James

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