No Regrets

No Regrets

Life, a fabric constructed of our decisions.
Decisions made with limited information
Resulting in cause and effect unpredictable
Sometimes lucky and sometimes disastrous

Fear not the backlash for nothing is gained
Retreating from decisions for the graff of
Life is never a continuous upward line but
A series of zigs and sags, hopefully upward.

Regret a wasted emotion using up the time of
Our life that could be used traveling the road
Never looking backwards or too far forwards
Absorbed in the process of life around us.

Life that ceases not but moves randomly
Forward, immersed in the light of love
Light of sacredness and creativity unbound
Shackled not by fear created by regret

Looking forward we head towards a mark
Sometimes shimmering and fading out
A wisp on the dissipating, materializing
New goals, new opened doors, we push on

Always remembering life makes no mistakes
Only irrelevant decisions that briefly slow but
Never halt the sacred journey, the ultimate
Quest that positions us in the lite of life.

Carl James

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