Hollow logs, wood flutes, voices in chant

Rants in rythmn, offered to appease gods

Boom, boom, awwwwwwww, awww, huh, huh,

Ummm-chuka, bodies sway, then they pray

Songs for rain, play fertility, animals slain


Orchestras, rock, benedictions, renditions

Voices in perfect harmony sooths the soul

Unifies the enemies, creating love, joy

Tames the beast, calls the sheep, weep

Memories to keep, joyful praise, voices raised


Bach, Cohen, Little Richsrd, Kitaro  tomorrow,

Pentatonix, Abba , Rolling Stones on the phone

Gig, gig, gig, folk, ethnic, EEEEEurithmics

Stereophonic, harmonic, a capella, viola!

Bag pipes, mog synthesizers, opera, jammin’

Brings us to celebrate life, death, love, sorrow


Carl James


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