Mindfulness and Mindless Theologies

Mindfulness and Mindless Theologies

There’s a new kid in town winning followers from all around
But if your game is bluster and retaliation you’ll be embarrassed
His charismatic voice and winning smile, kindness and love
Eyes that carry no controversy no way to argue, trick or trap

You must above all, tell yourself the truth of how you feel
Subjugation not necessary you can stand back up do not kneel
Love permeates your being , you are a part of all I’m saying.
You are divine in nature, a part of god that has matured.

We are all about love, compassion and kindness everywhere
We ignore god’s wrath, punishment and sinful shame for
Teaching a man must be done with no negatives for the
Yin and Tang both must be for balance and talents realized

“God is love”, “Suffer the children to come unto me for of
such is the kingdom of heaven, love thy neighbor as thyself
All these things you can do and more” words and ideas for
Us to wonder, what the meaning we ponder and wonder

What makes the heart grow kinder but compassion, a part
We are endowed to fashion a word or deed to the needy
Open your heart to love though vulnerability announces
Itself with open arms I fly to you again and again, free,

I cannot become a part of mindless theology that follows
A book because we were told in inspiration it was born
I see the thorns hidden in the pages written to ignorant
Followers blinded by usurped unholy authoritative men

I see the torture chambers punishing alternative thought
Wages of sin is death wrung in screams of torture and pain
What is this to gain but anger cloaked in false humility
True humility a path of godliness won by confidence

My directness comes from a mindfulness, self contemplation
Truths only of my own choosing spread on the living rocks I
journeyed to know my place in the place of all things I sense
My joy at acceptance from the life swarm about and through me.

Carl James 6-9-17

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