Lost In The Shadows

Lost in the Shadows

Lost in the shadows of hunger, doubt and men
Unable to connect with the life force within.
How far back did I stumble, lose track with-in
Where forked the road that errantly began
Must I re-trace the wrong path within or can
I return with a short cut with-in for no path
Is right or wrong when viewed as a total offer
Life’s experiences we have stored with-in and
Touched in exchanges with significant others
Who traveled that path made theirs by events
Outside my view of experience and intuition
Perhaps joy and rapture I may know from above
This valley far below, or love may find me there
Where eagles fly and I am inspired to see
Tree tops and pathways I could not see.
I may find what it means to be free or see
A new direction that allows me to finally be
Outside the shadows of doubt and fear and
Your hand to hold and knowing you will be
Part of the new journey, time for you and me.

Carl James

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