Life, Life, Life, Life, Life

Life, Life, Life, Life, Life!


Stumble out the back door, hair standing up,

Overgrown beard, finger nails, toenails,

Snagging a big toe on a raised deck nail,

Sh-it!, already mad , walkin’ like a drunk

Leaves clog the fountains, iced bamboo

Hangs to deck, trim, trim, trim,

Bamboo growing insidiously through

Deck cracks, needing a shave

Wisteria knows I’m there somehow,

Bending it’s tendrils searchingly, to

Brush sensuously against my skin, bugs

Already back stroking in my coffee,

You call telling me bye to work out

Personal problems and again I have

Overextended emotions and a tear

Slides down, dripping on a crocus bulb

The promise of spring life in anticipation


Carl James



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