Life Flows

Life Flows


I am but a receptor for the stream of  life

Flowing around and  through me

No man is an inland but some reside on the

Highest point where they remain aloof to

Interchange with the stream around them

Let the young, the old, the poor, the rich,,

Culturally and racially different dwell for

Life is rich with nutrients, stimulation, variety,

Welcome with open arms coves of refuge and

Food for their sols reviving interchanges, flexibility

A dynamo ever-changing shore is healthy, loving

Bastions of relationships rise unchanging

Stagnant yet rocked with internal quakes

Ending catastrophically at our feet never the same

You rose a tiny islet built on love and

One day you will let go of the last root

Becoming a part of the stream again

Hold your self pliable, ever dynamic changing

Love will undoubtedly look for you here.


Carl James


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