Gwen Frostic Book Review

I was in Eureka Springs on business a while back  and as I frequently do when traveling, went looking for bargains at a local flea market in Harrisonville where I discovered and purchased for a dollar a small mildew-covered child scrawled pages poetry book by Gwen Frostic. I glanced at it and hurried off to Eureka and opened it while sprawled across the bed that night realizing the gem I had. The books, I believe, are handmade and beautifuly illustrated with her block prints. Gwen’s poetry talks a lot about the inner power of nature and our relationship to it. The books have a mystical quality to them. The flea market book, For Those Who See contained two translucent pages . One contained a real pressed butterfly and one contained an evergreen sprig. I researched the books and found them on eBay where they ran for les than $10 each. Below is a photo of some.IMG_6250

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