Still, the garden remembers happy voices

Turned to stone heavy in the ground

Yet spring arrives in full regalia ,

Perhaps to beseech me in colors, huge

Shouting lavender wisteria blossoms,

Disguised hellebore hangs it’s head but

Not in shame trying not to be vain in it’s

Delicate  beauty, bleeding hearts lined in a

Shooting gallery how many can you break?

We agreed to help each other through

Heart ache and wind’s chill and try to

Find someone new, to be true for life

You are not totally inhuman to land a flower

Each one a commitment to each in the ritual

Yet the oath was forgotten, dried up, a leaf

Which rattles down the path catches in the

Fence inevitably to drop to a patient earth,

Always ready to receive the dead, making life.

Primordial, unseen, miraculous, resurrection.

Closest to my son ever we created the piece

Presented to earth and sky, an offering accepted

A frame to house natures beauty, no ego,

lovingly to care. The wood lays heavy soaked

With men’s resonate voices, wine, beer, cigar

Smoke, all of the earth, and the tears of grief

The last design, tenderly wrought  in shaking

Hand but sure direction, circles of life  forever

Etched in love


Carl James





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