I feel very lucky to have the friends that I have, both relatively new, renewed and old that have been there for me in both my foot surgery and recovery and the ending of my 35 year relationship with my wife. You have been there when I have felt so low that I might as well have been crawling. You have sat with me while I sobbed, issued explitives in anger, and while I paced the floors full of anxiety and tension. It’s not so important  you touched me reassuringly if at all, but it is the fact that you were and are there either in body or voice. It’s not important thatt you agreed with me for often I requested your objectivity and boy, did I get it. It’s that you took the time with me.  You sat with me, and still do, in complete silence when that was needed and you encouraged me to look at my future potential and the light that  still shines there. Icould writee another poem but I would rather use one from my favorite author, James Kavanaugh

A friendship like ours

A friendship like ours is without pretense or barriers,
Where no word is without consequence, no pain without compassion,
When time means nothing and distance is as insignificant as astral travel,
Where a single word can sometimes say all there is to say,
And love grows organically each passing day,
Where misunderstandings are impossible and words have no currency,
Where a chance meeting is enough to last a lifetime,
And heart speaks to heart in a single contact.

I have known good and gentle men and women for a lifetime,
Have been bound to them by blood and debt and every circumstance,
Even lashed together by work and space and passionate concern,
Yet few of these could invade the privacy of my inner being
No matter their power or brilliance, beauty or wealth.
But you were destined to reside there, my friend, by an eternal edict,
Because even before we met, you were already there!

James Kavanaugh