Character of Her Vulnerability

Character of her Vulnerability

I watch attentively as she talks to us as she works reverently on the old man’s feet; yet with the practiced sure hand of a surgeon as her strong lean hands snip away assuredly to the two withered feet laid like crown jewels on the eased pillows she turned her head aside and glances sidelong at me/ Her one leg noticeably smaller she directed her attention to it and how it came to be,I am already holding her in high esteem and I wonder if she knows she eposes her strength and vulnerability at the same time and wonder about the pain and if her giving of herself helps and wonder if holding her hand would help and she reminds me of a woman washing feet with her tears and drying them with her hair.
She shrugs off my handshake and hugs my son and I tightly and it gives me a sense of well-being and I somehow feel more assured and complete and I wonder if that might have been our day to connect or did it represent an open future door…maybe only a flash of purity in our souls.
Carl James

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