Love Showed It’s Face

Love Showed It’s Face


Love showed it’s face to me the other day

I hid it from you, awkward shy tongue-tied

No smooth rhythmic lines, thoughts to leave behind

No abstract analogies or adroit soliloquies


It showed the pain of love suddenly abstained

Love misunderstood yet still in the heart

It showed my insecurities, my obscurities, uncertainties

It showed my vulnerabilities to your critique of immaturities


Perhaps I will wait   ’til another day to let it go astray

Like a clumsy overzealous puppy in the park on a lark


When the pain is less around my heart and there is time

To get a start with one who doesn’t mind to part

With disciplined have-tos and scheduled want-tos


But, as always I will leave a part of me, the price of

Intensities and too much trust, pulling down the husks

Baring my tender soul to soul connections to the friction


A soul that remembers and secretly keeps the part of

You that knows the deep potential union of its start and

I will ponder what tentatively touching your face would do


Carl James