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A hot spot in the gut of your being that eats away freeing
Erupting, turning the body into a crucible of material from
Iron pounded, flattened, bent, tortured into an idea, a shape,
You will never be the same for now there is a weakened
Way out, like a hernia that gives, freeing the soul from it’s mold
Spewing the sacred imagination into a creation realized in the
White hot passion that is fashioned, a new idea, grow, let it be so.

Carl James



Imagination stretched to the limits liquefies and flows
Infinity is just a dream, but imagination is reality that
Flows, a river or so it seems from tears and fears to ablated
Joy that streams through the soul losing itself, eroding to
Nothing…nothing…nothing…but something on the event
Horizon blindingly appears, creating infinity in a moment
So, love is born, a hot molten stream that washes everything
A glow, a flow, you know, even so, you resisted it’s elation
Trying to avoid it’s ablation that is to be your salvation.

Carl James



Yearning of my heart to be a part of the flow of life’s desire that burns deep in my soul and
She who flies far away over land and sea and carries my dreams as she sings to me
Forever free she rejoices in me as my imagination and I imagine I see the endless sea
Through her eyes as she carries me away on her wings that beat to the rythmn of our hearts.
So then I see the confluence of we in the land that we were meant to be where old hearts
Remember and time will not be in the endless sea we are born away to be set free in the
Stars that we were always a part of our hearts we knew we were meant to be spirits of hope
Ambassadors of the free to the heavens from which we came stardust on the solar winds

Carl James

Your Eyes, The Sea

Your Eyes, the Sea

Your eyes, the sea get lost in me
Awash on emotions surfing free .
Moody blue, storm capped waves
Vastness of joy, raindrops of tears
Awash on skin that trembles in fear
Lost at sea forever held in your grace
Arms overflowing kindness in knowing
Nursery of life, gather them to she
Secure in the eyes that see through me
Tendrils of passion caress you and me
Cast on the shore naked came we
Primordial memories of love replete
Sea, me,you, blue, green, free
Fade in the moonlight a shimmer
Carl James

Life, Life, Life, Life, Life

Life, Life, Life, Life, Life!


Stumble out the back door, hair standing up,

Overgrown beard, finger nails, toenails,

Snagging a big toe on a raised deck nail,

Sh-it!, already mad , walkin’ like a drunk

Leaves clog the fountains, iced bamboo

Hangs to deck, trim, trim, trim,

Bamboo growing insidiously through

Deck cracks, needing a shave

Wisteria knows I’m there somehow,

Bending it’s tendrils searchingly, to

Brush sensuously against my skin, bugs

Already back stroking in my coffee,

You call telling me bye to work out

Personal problems and again I have

Overextended emotions and a tear

Slides down, dripping on a crocus bulb

The promise of spring life in anticipation


Carl James



Melt You In My Eyes

Melt You In My Eyes


I stand watching you go but without your glow

Desires of which on me your love bestowed

But the pain melts you in my eyes

Melts you in my eyes


Empty heart when did the coldness start

Unfeeling spaces of your soul did impart

But the tears melt you in my eyes

Melt you in my eyes


Cold hard light lay in your eyes, solid ice

No warmth did you indulge me tonight

Memories melt you in my eyes

Melt you in my eyes


Good bye my love it is time to leave

Why hesitate when your eyes deceive

Sea green melts you in my eyes

Melts you in my eyes


Melts you in my eyes


Carl James


I Did Not Know Her Name

I Did Not Know Her Name


Born from the shadows of my existence

I did not know her name


Forming shape to envelope my presence

I   did not know her name.


When life, full of horror, she took my place

While I stood bearing witness at the gate

I did not know her name


Cloaked in white, features diffused softly

A reassuring shoulder to tolerance

I did not know her name.


Showing me how to endear the pain

Attempts to hide always in vain

I did not know her name


Bearing the terror, pain, shame

Knowing someday the named

Must remember the guilt framed

I did not know her name


She walks now a part of presence

Always a light of hope unchained

Unbound now I know her name

She is my soul, my spirit, my friend


Carl James



Circumstantial Love


Just because life seems better wen you’re arond

I play your favorite dongs and dance myself around

I can hardly hold my arms from encircling you arond

I find myself writting imagination knows no bounds


Evidence is purely circumstantial until seas of blue

Lock me in their gaze and melt a fuse or two

Only circumstantial,, no facts no worn-out lies

You can never pin me down, until she complies


Love grown just one-sided  grows weak a Pisa with lies

Don’t want to be under it’s shadow when the time arrives

I’m holding back the pieces as long as I possibly can

Leaving fast and running scared no circumstance to hide


Midst the smoke and rubble she materializes inside

Walking casually away she turns her face to gaze

Light grabs a tear  and blazes across the  dark lit sky.

She turns to me with arms outstretched smiling, genuine.


Circumstantial love found  us out open faces smile tenderly


Carl James





Lonely hearts, do you seek, the sound of nature’s familiar beat?

Softly sighing in the winds, songs remembered till the end.

Primordially cling to passions glow familiar beat, life flows.

Remembered vaguely in the arms, mothers singing, safe from harm.

Singing chants, flutes in tune, emanate from broken ruins

Crashing symbols of the sea, I must go my humble plea

Standing , in pulsing surf I abide, rhythms’ of our holy tides

Breath in rhythm, song on lips, remembrances of a gentle kiss

Harmony caught by wailing winds standing in a forgotten glen.

Skin on drum, electronic strum, , beats of our hearts cannot part

We began together on some plain, rhythms of love will remain.


Carl James





Night Song

Night Song


Dusk hangs curtains of mists in the valley below

Readying for the nocturnes in song and beat

Moon bright, luminescent then a backlight to the

Curtains of the primal soup once feared to be deadly


Owls ask softly “who, who?” like philosophical questions

Needing answered by morning while crickets tune and coyotes

Practice harmony and the whippoorwill starts it’s mournful call

Whip poor will and the quail calls to it’s universal name

“Bob White, Bob White?”


A bull frog swells his throat then utters “Errrruummmp!”

While his hapless young sibling screams suddenly finding his

Lower half in the throat of a water snakes death grip..

All creatures mindful of the rushing whoosh of feathered shadows


My mind in the elevated fanciful imagination mode waiting for

Mornings sun to burn a little reality back into me

Night since before time always heightening loneliness,

Romance, a different reality and creativity in thought,

Imagination and the mists in the valley that awaken

Spirits mingling with our ancient instincts and memories


As a nocturnal creature slave to my bio-clock I edit my

Writing and my mind to prepare for a much-needed nap.


Carl James


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