The ancient state of human existence before we wrapped our minds into a state of self-reflection where every foray into the spiritual immoral self became an act of self-censoring. Our primeval selves contained  the consciousness, the emotional and the spiritual self’s. Good and bad did not exist but our instincts for survival, species protection and  social order for protection were there.


We “knew” more than we know now. We sensed danger, weather, love, hatred, as an acute conscious  state of being. We sensed our spiritual and symbiotic relationships with plants and animals. We knew there was safety in numbers. We focused on survival,  but not only physical for the spiritual connection to all things was necessary for survival.


Somehow, somewhere we saw ourselves from the outside and became self-aware externally and developed morality and vanity and the ability to compare ourselves with others. Thus animals and plants became  inferior to us because we no longer were able to connect spiritually with them. Instead we plotted to decide how we could utilize them to make us better than others and  feed the newly developing ego. We became self-centered and mistakenly decided since we could verbalize we must be smarter. We ignored the complex behaviors of other species allowing them to survive and forgot our own. We left the Garden of Eden. We left on our own.


Our  gods of earlier times were useful because thy represented useful things, the sun, the earth, the moon, etc. that we depended upon. Our later gods became more complex and represented emotions, the spirits we no longer possessed and a way to barter our way into an afterlife, at least so we thought. The belief in an afterlife helped us think we would be better than others if we made it and caused us to turn outward doing the required deeds for salvation and an eternal life.  And why do we deserve heaven and why doesn’t a pea plant go to heaven or a flea? Our lives wouldn’t be any worse than any other species if we treated each other and other species like equals and aren’t we a little pushy asking for an afterlife?


We don’t need judgment day because the real one is likely to hit us like a ton of bricks if we don’t quit our low down ways…… I’m thinking war followed by disease, a new incurable virus, etc.


So, being is a verb that signifies a thing we are becoming like being born and be represents an existence or an arrived at state but also a verb. To be may mean you arrived but have to maintain it. A being is an entity and a noun . To be seems to mean self-aware and is a verb.


But, as I stated at first, being is , to me, that state of existence where we are at our emotional, spiritual, physical  best maximizing  all potential. We are in a god-like state,  or do I dare say it? we are a small part of god the collective always moving forward existence of all being. We helped create it and continue to do so. By my writing it is created; by your reading it and agreeing or disagreeing you are creating it.

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