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Responsse to JJohn Jefferie’s article on LinkedIn


John Jeffries

Christian Author, Novelist, Poet & Blogger


The above article and message has appeared on LinkedIn and I felt that site not appropriate for a career related site so I chose to publish my response this on my web site.


First of all, I am not a Christian hater but I feel many of the ways they approach recruitment to be unhealthy.

I resent this being published on a work recruitment site


I was born and raised as a son of a Church of Christ preacher where we attended church three times a week, went every night at meetings and read the bible at least once a week so I come with some experience.


My earlier childhood was an attempt to control me based on fear and guilt. It appeared I was headed for a church-filled life and at the age of 11-12 was already doing a little preaching. Around 13-14 I went through much emotional turmoil as I became sexually aware and again guilt/fear was used to reinforce my parents’ restrictive approach to sex, dancing, cursing, etc. I lived in constant fear and felt unworthy of god and my parents.


Then I became angry as I realized I was brig manipulated and refused church at the age of 13. I have spent a good part of my life in therapy dealing with guilt, fear and feelings of unworthiness


I watched people like me return to their church but, as a result of therapy and a life time of personal contemplation I increasingly moved in the other direction. I deem myself ready to respond to above.


First of all, my question to the question why aren’t more people Christian? I believe a simple definition to a Christian is “a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ.” People groups claiming Christianity include Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Seventh day Adventists, Mormons, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Pentecostal, Baptist including Southern, Nazarenes,  Church of Christ, Methodists, etc., etc.


Many believe the path to redemption, and heaven can be achieved only through their sect. Some…Methodists, Episcopalians, etc. take a less rigid approach to the have-to’s. Some even question the divinity of Jesus.


Christianity has, first, a history of being persecuted and struggle to exist. Then Constantine became a Christian and away we go.


It’s sordid history include the decadence, incest, and general power of the middle ages popes. The graft, atrocities, immorality, are many. Then we have the inquisition, the holy wars against Moslem influence and to take back the holy land, etc. Then the Spaniards come to the new world and with extreme cruelty and force, turn the southern hemisphere to Catholicism. In all cases indigenous people are subjugated and decimated by war, new diseases, including STD’s small pox, influenza, leprosy, and general removal. This is all done under the auspices of saving their souls .


My belief is we took many beautiful groups of people who had achieved a state of harmonious living with the land and life they occupied and removed their self-esteem and purpose as a key to their environment.


Some years back, partly as a result of my personal struggles and studies, my concept of god began to change. First, I went through an agnostic period with lots of anger at a deity who, at a whim, let someone die, acquire terrible diseases, etc. Then I professed atheism for a while and now I’m a religious mongrel who believes if there is a thing we can really name ( I am that I am, Yaweh, etc. it must be a moving, ever evolving, ever changing force that we and everything else is a part of. But, this way of living leaves the work  and responsibility with each of us. It kicks us out of the nest.


James Cavanaugh, in his poem. “My Easy God Is Gone” says he once knew what god wanted and expected and now he is alone with his choices. The question….are you tough and free enough to go to the intuition in you or do you need an outside god?


Here I stand, a new earthly inhabitant and in immigration I am presented with a catalog, Current Available Religions of the World , must pick one or check “undecided”. There are representatives sitting around the large room. In one corner sits a Buddhist monk meditating in the lotus position. At the opposite corner a Southern Baptist Church minister points his finger at a cowering immigrant…”if you don’t do these things you’ll burn in hell!”….hmmmmm, which to pick…?????


Carl James



Your Touch

Your Touch


Your touch, a hearty slap on the back.

Your  touch, a feathery  touch on the arm

May send electric passion through the lines

Your touch, a brush of lips on lips

Sends me through heavens doors  to adore

Intimacy new in your feelings for this man.

Gentle touch of a new born child’s hand

Hope for tomorrow in this troubled land

Perhaps a new consciousness across the span

Time forgotten, time where man did not plan

A new respect for the land on which we stand.

A new touch, spreading can begin again

A touch of the human heart spirit and soul.

Oneness with all life, cast the seed to the winds

A connection, new awareness, life we know.


Carl James


The End of the Day

The End of the Day

As the Earth gathers  the  light

Bundles harvested for another

Day of living and loving or will

Fear steal your heart,  a thief of

Security, hope,  warmth, love?

Will I see you, silhouette in the door?

Will your heart bleed guilty tears?

Will you flee to someone instead?

With promises no heart ache led.

In lies of the hearts of men who

Care not if your grandmother

Died  yesterday, nor cry with you

On your dead brother’s birthday

Love , sincerity of the heart a

Willingness for a brand new start

I stand before you ready to love

A day timeless in our lives where

We work together, hold hands

Lost in kind warm eyes of desire

Alight in sunset, new day on fire.

Carl James


There Are Those, In Mem ory of Dave Sturtevant

There Are Those


There are those who amble through life

Ever observant of where they live each

Moment a new chapter in the soul within

Each encounter a new friend to gather in.


There are those born a seamless transition

Into the world we know for it was theirs

Everyone was told on a higher plain that

Already  knew the sweet refrain we, in vain


Searching all our lives for a  part to sing

In harmony he already knew his part on earth

Gladly his heart was open for anyone to see

An ambassador of the earth  to show to heal


His essence is the earth, rock, soil, water with-in

While tears given to pay his respect do not neglect

Yet I think Dave was born to a brand new world as

Setting in our West his new East began, again


Perhaps he’ll honor  with a memory of you,

me, we together on a wave trying to help a few

Souls ferry effortlessly  over a new riffle

His kindness will sooth you and his gentle


Mist of morning will lift your heart to sing


In memory of Dave Sturtevant

Carl James

7- 25-16

While We Wern’t Looking

While We Weren’t Looking


The Dalia Lama looked at Obama, took a half bow and the lights went out with a bang! A shadowy hurtling object heading at Obama who yells Hai! and the lights snap on to the scene of Obama in a skin-tight black Ninja suit standing crouched on a 4 foot window ledge twirling upchucks.

  • Bravo! Bravo! applaud the Dalia Lama and suddenly a brilliant sunset hits him square in the eyes and the harsh worse “Slap Leather”  and a colt 45 lands in his hand twirls twice and shoots the vase off the mantle and they both  say in Unisom “how bout that baaaabee!”
  • Both examined their weapons ands Obama says wonderingly Bruce……???”off cause! explains Dalia. In tune…Wyatt Up?” oh yea!! look at the notches.!” So what do we watch with our eggs roils tonight? Obama held it proudly. Ah! The Goot the Badt and zee Ugry!”.
  • So Obama, no work! News men taking care of it. The Chins are thinking you have convinced North Korea to become Buddhist and  Putin thinks you’ve developed some new anti gravity machine. Dalia smiled broadly and said vatch! and he gently rose 6″ off the floor in the lotus position. Obama’s eyes gleamed as the Dalia  raised his robes to many twirling fans, “Vant ta buy a vatch?” he smiled broadly


So when will we excape andt well eeet be by motorcycles? Is the launch ready? Everyone iss ready So everyone we invited is going? Everyone important. The island ready? But of cosse! IS the ship ready? of course. Let it be so!


This will be the largest misapropriation of Chinese and American funds ever known!


The end, or beginning.

Carl James



Poetry Books

I am in the process of collecting, sorting, and identifying my poetry into, hopefully, two books. One will be a black/white photography/poetry book similar to the Aux Arcs book with more poetry and the other will be in color using my photography.  If you read my poetry I would like you letting me know your favorites

Carl James


Love, Unconditionally

Love Unconditionally
Love, the rock that guards the harbor of
Human imperfection and human frailties
That forgives before the deed is done
Love that loves what I are becoming
Love that won’t let go and trusts and weathers
Understanding I am at my current top possibility
That recognizes that part of me stronger and
More flexible because I have overcome
Love, that knows that the imperfections of man
Add to the strength and dignity of the spirit and
Nature wins by trial and error in it’s endless
Striving for perfection, sacredness and godliness
Carl James