Greetings from the Universal Wanderer

We begin a fresh new leg of a journey that began approximately seven years ago. This journey began as I faced retirement and Parkinson’s Disease. My goals in beginning this web site and blog were : To create an atmosphere where you, the reader could in effect, sit back, have a cup of coffee or a drink and express your feelings however controversial, not without agreement or disagreement  from fellow readers but in an atmosphere where your expression would not be met with abusive behavior such as racial name-calling or slurs, negative comments having to do with sex, religious or gender or other comments demeaning to you or me a person.

I was raised in a very restrictive fundamentalist religious environment that tolerated only one way of thinking. I now walk a path of uncertainty in shades of grey but I am free to feel, think and express as I wish. This blog will contain the following from me: Political and religious commentary, essays on various subjects, poetry, stories, philosophical comments, art (primarily photography), announcements on upcoming events and expressions of the soul. I have learned over the years to bare my emotions and soul in my writings and hope you are able to do the same. I am committed to making this site a refuge for you and me. You the follower may make comments,  add to existing subjects or introduce new subjects. I only ask that they follow the general theme of the blog of philosophy, prose or poetry or political commentary. This is not Facebook so please do not use it as a conversation medium for day to day inuendo. Any comments or words that express the items listed above will be immediately removed and the contributor blocked. This is not a pornography site or a children’s site. Please keep everything at an R or above rating. The only real rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated