A New Journey Begins

Approximately three months ago I began the thought processs that took the tentative first steps towards a journey by SUV, first, into the Black Hills of South Dakota, then Montana, Wyoming, etc. My goal was to find and document the sacred aboriginal places, photograph them and write about them. I would be gone around a month. This actually being only part of my goal; the other being to help myself continue the healing process of the ending of my 35 tear marriage. For me, nature plays an important part of any healing process. I was and am, however, hesitant to do any extended road trip by myself due to health issues with my Parkinson’s Disease. I coincidentally, had been communicating with a woman online, Annette, who kept asking, “Want to go somewhere, around the block, Italy?” I thought it strange she would string around the block and Italy in the same sentence but since then have gotten better acquainted with Annette. I believe now that Annette is the type of person who can let herself become a part of any environment she happens to be in, whether as commonplace as around the block or Italy. I began to entertain the thought of introducing her to my plan and did. She seemed intrigued by the idea.
So, Annette and I spent several hours on the phone getting to know each other. If she agrees to do this project with me we will be doing a couple of short trips to make sure we don’t go berserk and kill each other in a month.
I think if this project happens it will be about finding our own personal sacred places as much as the documentation.

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