Monthly Archives: October 2017

Letting It Go

Letting It Go
What pieces of the universe have you claimed
All that property listed in your name
All the things fashioned from metal, stone,
Slip from your grasp before the day is through.
What of the river, liquid silver, permanent we thought.
What of the shelter with payments in arrears.
What of the lands with stones turned to sand
Give it up, it won’t last you from a far
If you should travel to a glittering star.
If you ignite, if you suddenly explode
Turning bright red then a cheery glow
More significant will that be seen than
Living an eternity with sorrow, grief
For in your bright shining moment
Sailors in gratitude will stop to observe
Light of your radiance, a new dawning
New direction to life’s eternal moments
Carl James

Vessel of Dreams

Vessel of Dreams
Mercuric and clear, the river that we feel
Fast, noisy and warm, cold, silent and deep.
Memories that we shared, silver tears we shed
A boat that cleaved the river, heavy as lead
Carrying us assuredly, peacefully, for days, four
Hear the laughter, friends from afar
Partners in conservation, a connection yet un-read.
A night on the river, comrades of the light
Love for the river, bonding in spirits for a night
Flowing downstream we and the river know
We were gathered in the gentle hands of life
Showing us the way to meld with the sight
We parted renewed, refreshed dreaming the rest
For the journey a part of our dream quest, the rest
Lays in life-filled solitude behind and the past.

Carl James