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Hollow logs, wood flutes, voices in chant

Rants in rythmn, offered to appease gods

Boom, boom, awwwwwwww, awww, huh, huh,

Ummm-chuka, bodies sway, then they pray

Songs for rain, play fertility, animals slain


Orchestras, rock, benedictions, renditions

Voices in perfect harmony sooths the soul

Unifies the enemies, creating love, joy

Tames the beast, calls the sheep, weep

Memories to keep, joyful praise, voices raised


Bach, Cohen, Little Richsrd, Kitaro  tomorrow,

Pentatonix, Abba , Rolling Stones on the phone

Gig, gig, gig, folk, ethnic, EEEEEurithmics

Stereophonic, harmonic, a capella, viola!

Bag pipes, mog synthesizers, opera, jammin’

Brings us to celebrate life, death, love, sorrow


Carl James


Life Flows

Life Flows


I am but a receptor for the stream of  life

Flowing around and  through me

No man is an inland but some reside on the

Highest point where they remain aloof to

Interchange with the stream around them

Let the young, the old, the poor, the rich,,

Culturally and racially different dwell for

Life is rich with nutrients, stimulation, variety,

Welcome with open arms coves of refuge and

Food for their sols reviving interchanges, flexibility

A dynamo ever-changing shore is healthy, loving

Bastions of relationships rise unchanging

Stagnant yet rocked with internal quakes

Ending catastrophically at our feet never the same

You rose a tiny islet built on love and

One day you will let go of the last root

Becoming a part of the stream again

Hold your self pliable, ever dynamic changing

Love will undoubtedly look for you here.


Carl James


Circumstantial Love


Just because life seems better wen you’re arond

I play your favorite dongs and dance myself around

I can hardly hold my arms from encircling you arond

I find myself writting imagination knows no bounds


Evidence is purely circumstantial until seas of blue

Lock me in their gaze and melt a fuse or two

Only circumstantial,, no facts no worn-out lies

You can never pin me down, until she complies


Love grown just one-sided  grows weak a Pisa with lies

Don’t want to be under it’s shadow when the time arrives

I’m holding back the pieces as long as I possibly can

Leaving fast and running scared no circumstance to hide


Midst the smoke and rubble she materializes inside

Walking casually away she turns her face to gaze

Light grabs a tear  and blazes across the  dark lit sky.

She turns to me with arms outstretched smiling, genuine.


Circumstantial love found  us out open faces smile tenderly


Carl James


The Space Between


The Space Between

What is the space between you and I?

That burns bright in the star-lit night

Love , passion we hope each other feels

Afraid to immerse where sacredness dwells

Is it an ancient path where we dwell?

Knowing our souls in freedom swelled

Knowing love eternal our hearts did meld.

An old melody lost in our moment in time

Words gone in memories excited anew

Song of the earth with life do renew

Perhaps we dwelt in the universal realms

Where love light streams in star dust time

Trust the instinct aligned in heavenly rhyme.

Harmonies of earth and our own new lines.

Carl James