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Still, the garden remembers happy voices

Turned to stone heavy in the ground

Yet spring arrives in full regalia ,

Perhaps to beseech me in colors, huge

Shouting lavender wisteria blossoms,

Disguised hellebore hangs it’s head but

Not in shame trying not to be vain in it’s

Delicate  beauty, bleeding hearts lined in a

Shooting gallery how many can you break?

We agreed to help each other through

Heart ache and wind’s chill and try to

Find someone new, to be true for life

You are not totally inhuman to land a flower

Each one a commitment to each in the ritual

Yet the oath was forgotten, dried up, a leaf

Which rattles down the path catches in the

Fence inevitably to drop to a patient earth,

Always ready to receive the dead, making life.

Primordial, unseen, miraculous, resurrection.

Closest to my son ever we created the piece

Presented to earth and sky, an offering accepted

A frame to house natures beauty, no ego,

lovingly to care. The wood lays heavy soaked

With men’s resonate voices, wine, beer, cigar

Smoke, all of the earth, and the tears of grief

The last design, tenderly wrought  in shaking

Hand but sure direction, circles of life  forever

Etched in love


Carl James





Serenity in my Inevitability

Serenity in my Inevitability


Struggles of my life ,created in part

Egocentricities of my prideful  heart

Never willing to part with the fight

Defining the dubious courage we impart

Honor and glory at stake if we could

From their deadly silence awaken

Yet better ignorant they died in vain

For a god or king’s holy  righteous name


I have lived among the dead in hopeless

Fear and pain when holiness was a name

Where all things sacred with in  my frame


Silently spoken  to the flame of my holy sacrifice

Without a  name at the being of  all the world

Spiritually tempered in the white hot flame


Love never contained by ego or pride

Humbly awakens transcends and flies


Wings of glory from where it abides in-the

Souls of the living, dying  love serenity

Floods my heart when I have  gently


Forsaken will, struggle and ceased the fight  of

My rejection of my egoless collective spiritual



Carl James






Fear that erodes the soul of man

Is not of trouble we left behind

Nor the everyday challenges we

face or retreat from a step at a time.


It is the looming shadows of future

That blows the mind, phantoms

Imagined before their possible time

Leaving us distraught and behind


We never defeat these demons all

Ghosts of future seaman who

Drowned in shallow water and

Never found the real bottom

Panic that stole their reason and

Flailing spasmodic limbs that

Never found the bottom shark

Bait for opportunists feeding

Frenzy on our unrealized  fears


Tomorrow a bottomless bucket

Receiving all fears we can deposit

A tomorrow that may not come

Time and we may no longer exist

Carl James



Terminate With Extreme Prejudice

He watched her through the spotting scope as his practiced hand deftly screwed the huge heavy barrel onto the lighter receiver for once the .222 cartridge was chambered, the remainder of the rifle except the two-stage trigger was superfluous. He languidly watched her examine each breast thoroughly then more rigorously, as she aroused herself and he found he also grew and extended. Why were his female subjects all so erotic, not allowing himself to remember it was always this way.

Many exterminators got erections while performing their job. This client was especially intelligent and that excited him more. She had been a part of Interpol and Mussed for years. Time to go, his boss had ordered. She was hard won and seemed to enjoy her trysts immensely.

He has seen her on the street a year ago before she became a target and flicked a warm dazzling smile at him as she walked lithely down the street in her trim, finely tuned body. He knew not her deadly knowledge of hand to hand combat, the signs blinded to him by his desire. Every muscle was spring- loaded and cocked……every one.

He remembered back to that next day wondering why killing a woman was like fucking her. Perhaps subduing and the ultimate penetration. She had been at the same place the next day and he spoke to her.

They had ended at her place after a five-mile run together and her muscled legs shone with fine perspiration like a thorough-bred black stallion. She was very black with huge eyes that somehow seemed innocent. Her features were not particularly Negroid except the full lips. Her teeth were small and even.

She bit his erect nipples with those teeth sending glowing washes of warmth to his groin. Her breasts were mostly muscle with unusually long blacker nipples against puffy huge areole. His sucking evoked a low mewling sound not unlike a nursing kitten. She was so wet her lower shorts were soaked and moisture ran down her legs. There was no genital foreplay, just pushing aside her panties and pushing inward, and her muscles sucked him in hungrily.

As he remembered, he had to have her one more time. He met her in the street next day and they ran and fucked.

As he exploded in her he barely heard a pufftt! of air and blood flowed from both ears at once and he started to scream shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! and fell limp in her arms still inside. her. She gave him a light peck on the forehead and eased him down and she knew she was the best he had ever had.

Carl James 1-11-16


Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking


Quietly, purposefully centered one tract beings

Walk these streets in the glory of morning

Sun warmed breezes softly blowing

Caress their hair softly without them knowing

Sensually fluffed like a lover come calling


Street troubadour plays sweet violin cup empty

Soul savers duel in their frightening predictions

Repent your sins, tomorrow is the day,  be ready!

Trees sigh blissfully thankful for the movement


Bang! one lying bleeding in the gutter, satchel missing

What the hell! What am I doing on the ground?

Warm, wet, delicious sleepy feeling, calmly

Breeze feels so good on the cooling sweat of neck

Wonder if I’m dying, wonder if anyone will care?

Introspection, more than all last year, the warm

Reassuring fingers stroke his cheek a wet tear slides

cooling down, white rubber fingers slide gently over  his eyes,


He screams waking with a jolt, loving eyes  inquire, all right?

While dead men walking down the street one got lucky

On a chance did he meet himself lying all over the street.


Carl James