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Electronic Dreams

Electronic Dreams


So haven’t we just had about enough electronics for now? I’ve been having serious dating problems……. yes  you do want to hear it. I don’t text or type well so I’m electronically  challenged. Why it was only yesterday they introduced a new batch of women and I fell in and out of love 6 times in one day and became pheromonically….yes this is a  word as of  5 sec ago. So, I was totally wiped out and totally out of new lines. I breathed heavy love innuendos flattery and promises all day and left the same eight  beatific electronic smiles I came in to this morning.


It was only to days a woman walked in front of a dating parlor into a cloud of pheromones and raped 4 men before she came too and what was a real horror was she  awakened dancing in lieu of having sex…she was Baptist. Enough on dating


A story in  yesterday’s paper,  a married man and women went out for breakfast and realized in 10 years they actually had never physically touched. They went to a party,, told each other they wanted to marry and had phone sex every since.


I walked by a 12 year old vigorously texting a 13 yr old blonde next to him in pre sex mode having already shown each other their naked  photos and the little girl whispered to me she wanted to touch him and was worried about being a pervert and I turned and whispered to the boy, “she wants to touch you.” and he cringed “what’ll I do?” and I said “you’ll think of something.” walking away sadly and the next week he was smiling.


Seriously though when was the last time you reached out and gently touched him or her on the cheek with those knowing eyes? Go for it!!!! It could be the last time.


Carl James





She who has the courage to care unconditionally

She who knows that a moment is all the time

Time that is shared, laughter and understanding

Freedom to be, freedom to learn, freedom to fail


She who knows if love is to be it must be free

Free to weigh consequences, free to grow free

Free of guilt, expectations, unfolding like a child

Full of wonder, full of hours in the day spent


Each moment in the celebration of life’s joys.

Life’s sorrow, love’s risks and no tomorrow

Each moment an infinity captured, molded

Formed, a sculpture into an expression of

Life’s individuality, commonality, finality

Unrepentant and unforgiving elusiveness


For love exists not through obligation but

Through the release and encouragement that

Says I wish you love, wherever it germinates

Life wherever it thrives vigorously for you

Happiness, nourishing,, illuminating the soul


For she has the courage to fly like the winds

To seek out, new tender blooms of the heart

Knowing that they may or may not answer the

Call of love forever seeking a responding answer

I am here and I seek the truth and the love in you.


Carl James 12-6-15

Uniforms and Vestments

Uniforms And Vestments


Uniforms and vestments what respect they bring

Why not a policeman’s ring to absolve this guilt of mine?


Or layers of respect and richness to cowl the sinner’s name

Or touching a hem in silence or kissing a viral ring


Layer upon layer piece by piece in awe of gods and man

Love and fear to sponsor layers of isolation and trim


If god favors you more than I let his love shine from within

For uniforms and vestments strike awe in the hearts of men


For me a simple beggar’s rag a Gandhi size 38 will surely do

Or cross-draw Colt 45’s with notches in the grips and a chew


But what vestment or uniform can ease the souls need within ?

When a field of daisies singing halleluiah within the grassy glen.


Uplifts the heart and fills the soul with joy from deep within

Are loaded belts, holsters and sternness and knife creases for sin?


Or is godliness and obeying laws not synonymous with peace. love

Or giant half-understood words like using psychoisolationment


When happiness and kindness and god from deep within

All that may be needed to set us straight no terror or awe, Amen


Carl James