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Simply Love

I met a widow recently who shook up my idea of love. She was married almost 40 years in a relationship that seemed less complicated than most. The husband had been a driver al his life and she had worked a variety of jobs that allowed her to raise 4 children. Their relationship was love-centered, not career or self-centered. . I realized that love-centered couples might be happier. However, I always have to have a cause So, my choice in a woman is more complicated The following poem resulted


Is it enough to love with simple expectation
No promise of social graces or intellectual styles
Simple basic traditional support minimal in nature
Children given in love’s mutual respect and desire

While others throw down conditions that maim
Love’s fragile flower that tire and dissect the magic
To breath in anticipation and keep the candle lit
For love is the small touch of the hand on skin

Love is a gentle brush of the lips on lips a fire
It is desire-filled passion satiated willingly, freely
It is the afterglow still in his whispered thanks
It is the all-day remembrance like a holy dream

It recognizes and accepts the half truths told to
Always preserve and protect the partners ego and
When death comes it unselfishly releases him
To his god and his belief of a home waiting for her

Simply Love

Carl James 11-6-15

Observations, Intuitions, Connections 11

Observations, Intuitions & Connections 11

In nature, we either be all that we can be create enough statis standing still or we die.

It isn’t enough to give someone your love, you must also help bring out the being in them knowing they may set you free

Our ardent wish for our children is for them to be all they can be and perhaps that is when their anger rises towards us because they only want to be.

Maybe we expect too much from love, expecting to transform each other and send it over the top. when all we need to do is stand still in the glowing presence of each other
It’s all right if you want to drive a bus for a living and it’s all right if you want to work sporadically at a non-career job and stay with the children. as much as possible for we cannot wildly succeed at careers without sacrificing time for love.

My earlier sense said “being” was progressing spiritually but maybe it means a statis point, still requiring work to maintain.

I find myself frustrated and almost embarrassed by each new PD progression when I would be better off spending my time on working on those places I know how to fix and letting the others be for now. This might ease the fear and open the channel to my imagination and new ideas.

So “being is existing in the presence that cloaks us with a sense of well-being and love at least for ourselves and allows us tot forgive ourselves for “just being me” today.

I write because it is one thing that I seem to need to balance my life. But I also write for the glory and books done in my life. I will not and cannot tell you glory hasn’t determined in some small way what I write. But mostly I write to share what I’m feeling.

Sometimes I come upon a new idea, to me, like linear time like we use does not exist because we live, in a minimum of three dimension and some believe our spiritual side to be a fourth dimension. So, all my new ideas are old hat but maybe I, as a laymen have a more intuitive than factual sense of it.

In the last sheet the spaceship earth concept is not new nor is our propulsion idea likely to be new but it doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for pulling it out of me. We are all musical rhythmic people even if we can’t keep a beat . For we who aren’t creationist this is best explained by the rhythmic sea we emerged from and by other rhythm sounds Tell me about any life that sounds a toneless straight sound. Whippoorwills are three distinct sounds, bob white quail two, cicadas many, owls two or three, coyotes a succession of yelps followed by a straight howl. We live in a rhythmic solar system and likely a universe or more.

A friend told me my speech is rhythmic and both singing and poetry are rhythmic.

Nature is never soundless; it’s just that our bodies are lulled and quieted by them because they are a natural part of us. Any breeze we hear from the moaning in the trees to the gritty dirt abrading against itself. It is no secret what wind and water can do but when you look at two of the most powerful forces on earth they have no solid form completely pliable.

Have you ever considered what familiarity an aboriginal race had or has to their land. No doubt a kangaroo or bison skeleton could have been identified in exploded view by what each piece was used for in clothing or tool. Imagine then what it felt like to them at a white man slaughter for only fun.

They lived as a piece of the earth and knew intellectually, then intuitively then instinctually their role in the environment. They had no choice they died if they didn’t. The same thing is true for us. The frightening thing is most of us deny it or simply don’t care as long as it’s not them personally. Wee are being “caught up” more and more frequently. New Orleans: Doesn’t it make sense if you build a city below water level people are not going to drown. I believe we grudgingly yielded a little land back to nature. Imagine a mother nature delegate.

“Mother nature, what do you have planned next year? ” “well, the tropics are getting pretty saturated so will likely release maybe 12 inches on New Orleans …the bayous need rebuilding anyway. and the Delta needs about 12 foot inundation for a year to enrich the nutrients for shrimp” ” But that will kill thousands.!” ” yes, but save 50 billion shrimp. Guys, I let you off how many years now and you built more dykes f—ked, or is it fracced the earth, etc,. etc. The delta needs widening because the new planned species eats shrimp and the shrimp delegate is so vocal…” “you mean they’re……..” “sentient”? well yes everything is, you just forgot it in your arrogance. and the Mississippi needs to carry more water to the delta so will need 3 millennium floods”. “But you will kill thousands,!” “Yeah but the new species will be fur bearing due to colder deeper water…..amphibians”…”.Amphips???????but what about uuuuuuuuuuuus, oh my god,!!!! you can’t….!”.The mother shrugged apologetically ..”told you guyed.”…

Carl James 11-2-15 The Beginning