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Observations, Intuitions and Connections

Observations, Intuitions and Connections

Exhilarate in the godly power you have to create tempered with the humility that you also have the power to destroy.

Don’t worry that you don’t have the time to do everything you want for when you compare the length of your life to the infinity of the universe, it is less than the blink of an eye.

Consider the possibility that the amount of pain and misfortune you have may be in balance with your capacity for love, compassion and happiness

When you view nature in it’s beauty and solace always do so knowing that you are a part of it as significant and yet as unimportant as any part of it you see.

Is it any wonder we give flowers to our lovers considering the blatant sexuality displayed with audacity in every blossom.

Humans take each other’s hands quietly and go to a hiding place while the rest of the world busily goes about it’s business of procreation copulating openly and un-noticed about them.

To not find exquisite beauty in a pregnant woman is like denying all of what we have created; each symphony, each opera, each book, each sculpture, each painting, each cure and each voyage of discovery. for each new life is a part of the universe unfolding.

How does one so casually look at a two-hundred year old tree with that first bite of a saw with the history, memory and shelter and not hear and feel each shriek of pain and anguish in our souls.

Even the earth twists, groans, rumbles and cracks in it growing pains wanting to be more and more beautiful and thwarts our attempts to contain its tears with levies, dikes and dams for they must always return home to the sea.

Old dilapidated buildings are a reassurance to us because they hold the comforting truth that our world-wide scarification is but temporary childish graffiti in the continuous undoing of nature of all we have made.

It is in the valleys where the richness , profusion, and abundance of life congregates around the streams of life. If you must reach the top, you will see more but with less detail. You must seek out the scarce hardy tenacious comrades of the summits for their story of its long lonely ascent.

Walk the earth reverently and with humility for it is sacred and the burial ground for all life that has preceded you.

When we need solace and truth there is no need to run to a beautiful exotic place, only turn within for the peace is already there.

Were it not for the invention of time we would probably spontaneously laugh, play and love when the notion struck.

Just imagine, free, spontaneous moments where the mind engages in multiple ricochets off each new idea, a progression of an unbounded imagination unrestrained by the human invention of time.

Being is the state of becoming and the state of existing at that moment. It is the past, the present and the future compressed into a single moment of now. It is your connection to the godliness in all things.

We are a part of all things, a part of god, always being, always becoming, always on a journey towards life and death.

I have not seen the face of god, you have not seen the face of god. Few of us downright deny the existence of god. Therefore if he/she/they exist then they must be we.

We created gods in our own image to try to wrest control from nature of events to make them more pleasurable for us and in our desire to be immortal. Thank god it didn’t work.

The universe is an infinite symphony directed by an unknown force of being where all have a part in the harmony of life and each must stand alone for their solo.

If the world is to survive the boundaries of human ethnicity, religion and ownership must be erased.

Perhaps we will become the brotherhood of earth when we must fight for our human existence with an alien power so great that it requires the lives of all mankind to win.

Perhaps we are the aliens, a supposedly purposeless race whose job may be to document the great experiment of nursing a new organic round edged life form in lieu of the more prolific hard-edged latticed life so hardy and more appropriate foe travel. May the day never come when we are asked to speak for or against our way of life knowing that instead of nursing life we destroyed most of the species.

Maybe one day we will know brotherhood of men and nature and on that day come to realize we are part of the great discovery a part of spaceship earth and it’s collection of satellites, and planets all swinging and propelling like some harmonic perpetual motion machine through our own self-formed black hole pulling us along by the seat of our own pants to where? Perhaps only god knows or knew. Then again, perhaps it is the nature of our existence and we are the journeyers.

Bon Voyage
Carl James