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The Force Field Of Opportunity

The Force Field of Opportunity.

Opportunity is a chance to perform an act that isn’t always available. to us and everyone equally.

We generally think of opportunity a means to access a barrier with doors that we might knock on and perhaps luck opens.. The rest is up to us. Opportunity is only a reasonable chance to do some thing. . When President Kennedy said in a speech that we had a goal to get to the moon by a certain date he opened up an opportunity. The rest is history. It’s questionable whether our government could work together to accomplish such a feat today. There is nothing like a common foe or threat, real or imagined to unify people.

Let’s throw the archaic wall and door out We can now imagine opportunity as a multi-dimensional force field that we carry individually and as social group. We also have country force fields and world force field. Let’s assume we also have solar system and galactic fields, and on and on.

These fields vary in resistance to penetration by things we may not be able to control or recognize like family wealth, fame, shear intelligence, etc. The opportunity of becoming a doctor is greater if your parents are doctors because of wealth, associations with a school, etc. Knowing these factors is important.

Some people believe we travel a pre-ordained existence that we must be in tune with to recognize. I believe we have our own individual optometer that never rests at zero. The gauge is closer to 100% because of the things we can do nothing about.

Now the fun and work begin.

Opportunities abound in this world because of your optimism, your energy, your friendships, your reputation, your flexibility, your courage, your ability to see and take advantage of connections, your faith in yourself and other your love of yourself and others. your speed and willingness to take calculated risks, your ability to imagine, etc.
They lie waiting to be harvested in all aspects of our lives; careers, love, education, health, spiritual, wealth, friendships etc. Every opportunity carries the potential of leading to another

An example:
Just the other day I had a lunch date with a lady in a small town. I had been introduced to the restaurant owner by a friend roughly a week before. On this occasion I gave her one of my photography books. I was stood up for my date due to a house emergency but the reason became apparent only later. I ate lunch aloe and visited with the owner who stated she had no book now having loaned it to a friend. The friend: an art instructor, sick with cancer, loved the book and wanted to meet the author.

I told the owner I had a copy with me, She called, made an appointment and I spent the afternoon with an enjoyable new friend who had a lot in common with me. So, be flexible, easy for me to say I’m retired.

Carl James


A real travesty
Added to my list of those who are feeding at the trough off their fame and get caught in the decadence and the shame of their crimes and try to weezil out…Bill Cosby. Bill may you forever be moved to the back corner of the junk yard of mediocrity where you rust beyond recognition and memory of citizenry and may the junk yard dog lift his leg on you when he makes his nightly prowl.

Welcome Laurie

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