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I Can Live Without You

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away
My hands are tied, my body bruised
She’s got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose (U2)

I Can Live Without You

Famous words of a painful song
It has taken so very, very long
For every event all year thru
You were standing in the wings
Than events of which I chose
Decisions alone if I may be bold
Washed like the rain over my face
For I in freedom and I alone made
But the train is long and slowly moves
Revealing the passing chain of events
Tests me again on the bed of nails
A lifetime journey I would presume
When I catch you standing in the gloom
A new act for I claim these days my own.
For my life has been returned in new
Things glorious and things quite new
Love brand new and spiritual growth
Friends who were there and cared the most
New me who survives living on the edge.
Carl James

My Day in the Sun

My Day in the Sun

I will have my day in the sun when
All that I can give is truly gone
When the passion for living runs low
Like fleeing shadowy voices beyond

When my heart quiets from the race
An intermittent journey, I set the pace.
Love freely given, to accept or forsake
A balance only kept by give and take

Life is worth living, love worth giving
Even when emptiness occurs releasing.
Emptiness like fullness a temporary state
Only with arms open before it’s too late

Life is elusive and slips from our grasp
Moving only forward, forget the past
Love does not live mixed with regret
But seeking out moments of gold begets

Timelessness, forever it gives to life
Moments endless, golden wherever
Dewdrops, perfection, pearls of soul
Caught in the souls ethereal web, ‘less

Unworthiness, a slayer, may reside within
Love of self must be learned once again
Life is sacred, a continual celebration of
Love freely given, love freely received.

So rejoice with me when my day is done
Known only in that moment, by the sun
Who will dry my tears and calm my fears
Bringing me home an Icarus undaunted

I have no regrets for I have won, plucking
Apples of gold under the sacred sun from
The Tree of Life, you may remember, love,
Joy, pain and sorrow, good, evil, no tomorrow

Carl James