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“To be or not to be; that is the question. “

Am I an atheist? I always wanted to be. It seems so simple. What is holding me back? Why can’t I see the black and white of it all and just embrace atheism?

Well, there is a little glitch that keeps me from jumping over the brink. It’s that pesky little thing called “life”. Life can be so small and so fragile…don’t kid yourself, now. Life is rambunctious, selfish, egotiscal, self replicating, defiant, energetic little or large thing we can identify with the following characteristics. Give me an example of life that doesn’t reproduce, Give me an example of life that doesn;t mutate. Give me an example of life that, if needed, doesn’t protect it’s young even to the point of complete self-sacrifice. There are none. So, it’s safe to say that life is an entity that reproduces , protects itself and its kind and attempts to better itself. Why?

Yes, I said “why”? It’s easy, maybe, to see that all the amino acids, oxygen, water, etc. just by chance, happened to get together in one place to create the first living thing. But, at some point in this one-celled beings life it had to say to itself, “hey, this feels pretty good! Rather than die and bring life back to zero again let’s find a way to reproduce and make more of us!” It had to make a decision that the best way to insure itself  continuance was  to sometimes step aside for a better stronger smarter species that had mutated. What altruism! Hardly! At some point in time the inferior being had to “give up the fight” of course when they became extinct that was easy. Nature is teeming with stories where the deficient weak young gets hind tit or no tit at all to insure the survival 9f the strongest. Of course humans, as a civilized species do just the opposite. We spend fortunes and many hours to insure that a deformed offspring  has the best quality of life possible. With the teeming masses consuming our food and water at an accelerated rate it may be a luxery we have to give up one day.

What happens to life that creates the urge for continuance? What makes life so self-centered, so egocentric that it is always shouting me!, me!, me! me! So, tell me atheist, what is your explanation? It is easy to see why the Bible portrays Jesus as the good shepherd because it has the appearance that we are being nutured along by some unfathomable force greater or maybe just a part of., ourselves. Maybe life is one huge collective self-regulating consciousness. Maybe we have mis-defined life. Maybe we are more along the Gaia principal where the earth, our solar system or our galaxy is the collective intelligent regulating body. Or, maybe we need to take a really giant step back and look at the universe.

But then again, maybe we are micromanaged by some vast kingdom of gods and demigods. Maybe every living planet has a set of religions and legends of how they came to be.

Believe what you want, just explain to me why it is so natural as a species to have the need to survive and better ourselves.

Carl James-1-25-14

Sacred Places

Where is your sacred place? Is it a cathedral, a synagogue, a mosque, a small country church, or is it your back yard, a walking trail, a river or a courtyard or roof top in a large city? What stimulus do you need to be able to ease the internal stress, ease the breathing, slow the heart and allow the mind to reflect on your god, goddess, or perhaps that still, small center of your being where you re-kindle the flame of your soul. I am building a DVD that will contain my photographs of what I consider Sacred to me and the photos of what I believe others consider sacred places. If you wish, send me a photo, your prayer, if short, or quote that helps you find the above. I will create a slide show of these photos accompanied by my interpretation of appropriate music. This project will not be done until summer 2014 since I will travel to some native american sacred sites out west..Send your entry by e-mail to I reserve the right to omit any that I feel are vulgar, express hate, anger, slurs, or anything derogatory.

New Photography Shows Coming Up

DSC_3141r8x10 flower-4-22-10-4-rev-2 hostaflower6x6 theway DSC_8043rFirst of all, I would like to thank Duane and Prudy Bone, owners of DB Design-Salon and Gallery where Duane runs a very popularDSC_8062rDSC_8078rDSC_8077rr hair salon and still finds time to design and create some beautiful pottery. He also shares his gallery space with lots of various other artists incliding where (knock on wood) I seem to have almost become a permanent fixture. I do sell stuff to his sometimes esteemed clientel but frankly, Duane and Prudy are like patrons to me and own several of my photographs. I sometimes wonder (egotistically), that they show so much of my work because that gives them first chance at it. They hsve been good loyal friends putting up with my disconnectedness while mourning the departure of my wife from our 35 year marriage. So, for the month of August   I will be replacing the winter scenes with flower photos. Aproximately 75% of them will be new pieces never shown before. So come to Artwalk on February 7th at 326 S. Campbell to see this and other art.

April 1 and May 1 will be an installation of a new show ,Otherworld,Copy of 3-6-09 026.jpgrev-bw Copy of Copy of texas06 058bw Copy of img1261rr DSC_1484-SHIPrflkr gen07 240rev1 IN THE REHLM OF THE RAINING TREES requiem in red at Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe at 220 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO April 1 and Big Momma’s Expresso and Coffee Bistro at 217 E. Commercial, Springfield,  MO May 1. The show at Gaileys will be open for the April 4th Art Walk. We will have refreshments.  I have enclosed a few photos to be in the DB Design Show and the Otherworld show.

The Winter of My Love

During the process of grieving and the anger of my wife’s leaving I feel like I have reached some kind of plateau that I dimpled the surface of the other by calling her about some business issues and ended up weeping sporadically for the rest of the day from just hearing her voice. It will be business by e-mail from now on. My conclusion: I am in a form of emotional hybernation.thewinerofmylove

Cruise Poetry

th (18)acrowdoflonelinessThe following are a series of poems that I wrote on a cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islannds. They are glimpses of my observations of social interactions on the ship. “A Crowd of Loneliness”” did not happen, but represents a reflection of the human condition where emotion is avoided at all costs but is sometimes triggered by something that ends in a carthitic reaction. It also represents the underlying , sometimes seemingly uncontrollable bursts of passion that sometimes rise suddenly unannounced in all of us and occasionally are released with catastrotrophic results.