Monthly Archives: October 2013

From here-from there

From here we view these delicate outdoor begonias as fragile and vulnerable and yet from there we as part of a life laden earth  may in our glorious splendor   be a delicate flower rare and highly prized as the only species of it’s kind.DSC_8043r DSC_8062r DSC_8077rr DSC_8078r

Do ya wanna get ta heaven?

This blog will be about pushing the boundaries of human thought and knowledge. It will be about imagination  beyond our wildest dream . It will be about hitching yourself to a star and wandering the univesre of your mind. It will be about questioning everything that is safe and arcaneDSC_7597r

Those too Gentle to live among wolves.

This blog will be about DSC_7824sadness, happiness, winning, losing, failing succeeding , tears of sorrow, grief and happiness. It will attract the gentle soul for they will find refuge and friends in a group of people who dare ask why, who sees a flower so beautiful it is worth crying about

The New Beginning

3-6-09 059revFor the past 1 1/2 weeks I have been struggling with the ending of my 34 year old marriage. It was not of my choosing but at some point, one has to make the decision not to resist what is inevitable and get on with their lives. This new poem, written for a friend,  begins that journey . The story of that struggle appeasr on the pages of Facebook.