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 a journey I began 7 years ago and expanded six years ago


Liteworx Productions,  a journey I began 7 years ago and expanded six years ago. I am Carl James, professional photographer, author and genealogist, the common denominator being photography and the study of light and nature.

My original goal was, and still is, to sensitize the viewer and/or reader to our place in the world of natural being and to help humanity, in some small way, reclaim it’s natural  place in the universe among the teaming millions of plant and animal species that are our brothers in our solar system. We are children of the universe and although we feel insignificant in the vastness of the cosmos, we are star stuff made from the ancient elements that give substance to all we know that exists and ever has.

Photography and writing are not hobbies for me; They are a necessary part of what defines my existence. The camera lens is a window to my soul. It is through photography that I am able to reconnect with the natural world and see how light and space defines it. It is through poetry that the sometimes hollowness is filled sharing with you, the reader, my emotions, helping fill the overpowering loneliness of my insignificance in the whole scheme of things.

So stand by me and we will journey together to the edges of our imagination and through the timeless future and past that are only illusions for they exist only for us as we attempt to define our existence. All we really know is the instant that is now for the future and the past cannot be experienced or explained.

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